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Oldsmar Public Library Solicitation/Public Speech Policy


From time to time there are requests by residents to petition on Library property.


The First Amendment of the United States Constitution allows certain types of speech on public sidewalks like the ones outside the Oldsmar Public Library.

The Oldsmar Public Library supports this right, and makes efforts to allow and encourage free speech while maintaining a safe and enjoyable library experience for patrons.

The Library allows petitioners near the driveway and parking area, but not in the entryway or under the arcade overhang. The Library does not permit use of landscaped or grassy areas on Library property, except for certain Library-sanctioned events.

Library staff may request identifying information from those using Library sidewalks and/or grounds.

Persons using the Library sidewalks may not block walking paths, stand in the way of people approaching the building, or harass Library patrons. Persons using the sidewalks and/or grounds may not call out to patrons or passersby and may not create any kind of disturbance in front of the Library.

Persons using the Library sidewalks may set up a small table, so long as the table does not block the Library entrance, the roadway, sidewalk or path of ingress to and egress from the entrance. The Library prohibits persistent petitioning, soliciting or setting up any temporary or permanent furniture or display inside the arcade or arcade overhang or on any ramp or handicap parking area to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and safe and assured access in and out of the building.

Persons using the Library sidewalks may carry signs, so long as those signs do not interfere with the reasonable access to the Library. They may affix signs to their small table, but may not affix signs to the building or any other structure, fixture or plant on the property.

The Library prohibits collection of fees or donations of any kind on Library property. The Library prohibits sales of any type, except during Library-sanctioned events sponsored by authorized groups.

The Library has no obligation to, and will not provide any Library-owned furniture or equipment for use on the Library sidewalks or grounds, except for Library-sanctioned events.

The Library does not endorse the aims, policies, or activities of any group, organization, or individual using Library sidewalks or grounds.

Last updated 4/15